October 31, 2008

Pictures, pictures & more pictures!

Lots of pictures to share...

Jameson went to my cousin's Halloween party this past weekend. He of course had to be his own man and not wear a costume, silly boy.
This picture is from his school field trip last week. We went to the local 4H camp. He was actually pretty interested in learning about this hunting chair.
Ohio sunrise...I'm not typically up early enough to capture this light. dreamy.
Picture of me & Kelley, taken from the famous Austin. Oh boy is there a story behind this picture. Lets just say I'm actually scared to tell the story or show the picture that follows.
Here are all of the kiddos playing on one of the many wood pieces at this awesome pumpkin patch.
I love this little guy!
Now would you want to ride with that driver??
Jameson having a great time at the fall festival at Rivertree.
And there goes the bumble bee (aka William) down the ship...
While driving back home earlier this week, Jameson & I took at break at one of the many overlook spots along the WV turnpike.


Crystal said...

Great autumn pictures!! And you are the queen of productivity - that's a lot of creating to have completed over one weekend! What a lovely birthday present - are you enjoying it?!! Happy Halloween!

Abby C said...

Love that pic of you and Jameson! Glad you are home! Glad you got to go!