October 6, 2008


We had such a great time at homecoming this weekend. We haven't ever done the 'quick' trip to Ohio thing. It seems to have worked out great. James didn't have to take too much time off of work to join us and we got to visit with some friends.

Friday we had a great time exploring campus as a family. Jameson's favorite part was the volleyball court on campus that he thought looked like a great sandbox! After campus we headed to James' aunt and uncle's house for a little visit and dinner. Then it was decided that it would be best if Jameson spend the weekend with Joe Joe & Nana Susan. So James took him and stayed that first night with him. James said it was so funny when they went back to Jen's to pack. Jameson was following James round trying to get him to hurry up because he needed to get to Joe Joe's to ride the 4-wheeler. Silly boy. When we picked him up on Sunday it was clear that he had a great time with them.

Saturday it was neat for James & I to have the day just as a couple. We went to the football game, stopped by the silent auction and had dinner with some friends from college. The only sad part was that we later found out that Luke Perry (yes really THE Luke Perry) was on campus for rock the vote. We had gone off campus for dinner instead of going to the greek picnic. We're all a bit disappointed now but maybe another time (yeah right!).

On the way home yesterday, from the backseat Jameson asked if we were heading home (this was early in the day). We both said, "yes we'll be there in a few hours". He said "well is it going to be warmer there?". So funny since it was already almost 50, which really isn't that cold. This boy does not like the cold weather mainly because he doesn't like socks, long pants or sweatshirts. He is going to have rough time when we head north in February?!

Now I'm off to get the rest of the laundry done and feed the boy some lunch! Pictures from the weekend to come soon...

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