October 18, 2008


Anyone that knows me fairly well knows that fall and Halloween are my favorite time of year (and the fact that my birthday is close by doesn't hurt to add to the excitement!). So last month I got a project kit from Scarlet Lime that included everything you would need to make a Halloween banner. I've wanting to play with it for a few weeks now but just hadn't been able to make time for it. I'm excited that yesterday I made time to do it and now it is part of the living room!

Not that you can totally read it but it spells out Pumpkins with lots of other little messages in there. A few of the things I did on it while I was playing...I cut apart epoxy MM pieces to cover the star (on the left triangle banner piece), the little owl from clothing that I cut apart and the scallop frame around the 's' was made from the packaging from some MM journaling spots. Overall I feel like I'm getting a bit more resourceful in my old age (see I told you my birthday was coming up).

Now our family is off to the local pumpkin patch...oh I love this time of year!!


Sarah said...

Love it! Especially that really cute owl! (:

Kim said...

I love your banner! Too Cute! I especially love the owl, where can I get one of those?
You and Sarah totally put my little window to shame!:)

the Tapler Ohana said...

OK, this has convinced me...must. get. scarlet. lime.