October 17, 2008

Going fast!

Okay so I have some fun pictures of share of everyone going fast! The first few pictures are from our trip to the state fair earlier this week. James has a friend that has a son just a few months older than Jameson. It was fun to see them play together. Jameson loves rides and roller coasters and was so excited to get to ride in the first seat for this roller coaster.

Now for the next level in speed. If you have been following the blog for at least a year you might recall our trip to the BMW driving course from last year. Tonight we returned! There was one new course for us. Rat-racing in the M3 on a wet course, with the traction control turned off. Very interesting! Basically it is a circle and you start directly across from each other to try to see who can catch the other one. First round he won, because I totally spun out (180 degrees and stalled the engine). Then he spun out and we had to break the tie and I totally did it, I actually beat my husband at a car race. The first photo below is from this first track (taken of another driver right after we got done racing - he also spun out). Then we moved over the M5 track where you basically go around a traditional track route trying to get the car to go as fast as you can. I sat this one out and was content on the sidelines with my camera in hand! James had two tries at this one. He says he didn't make it quite to 100 because the track wasn't long enough, from my vantage point it appear as if he was going that fast. We had a great time. For next year we're hoping to get some friends to go with us!!


evitangel said...

some stunning pics!
have a fab weekend!

Laura M said...

sounds like you had a blast. I need to get the photos of my kids at the fair up on my blog. Love your update.