January 8, 2009

Week 1 down!

Okay so I never intended to be gone from the blog for this long but lucky for you all I can totally catch you up on what we've been doing. I previously mentioned that I was going to be doing the 365 challenge well week 1 is now officially behind us. I've really enjoyed the freeing feeling this has afforded me. I've always wanted to capture more of the daily happenings and this project seems to be doing it. If you'd like to stay up to date on a daily basis (okay I can't promise everyday will be on time but it will be better than on the blog). Check out my facebook pics. Here is the finish spread in my album (journaling spot created using a new kit from Sugarplum Paperie)

Lately it seems that Jameson is getting older, quicker. He does some really funny things and I just have to step back and remind myself that he really is only 3. This afternoon we were going for a walk and he started out in a jog and said "mom see you just have to do it like this". Okay thanks I'll take some jogging lessons from my 3 year old. We half walked/jogged all the way around the steep hilly road behind our house. He amazes me how much energy he has (even without a nap). Then tonight the 3 of us were preparing for a little wii fun and he said something (which oddly has totally escaped me at the moment). The funny part wasn't really so much what he said but the hand motions with it. He was pointing up at the ceiling shaking his hand. So grown up looking.

So is anyone else attempting to capture a picture a day for 2009?

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Kim said...

Thanks for inspiring me to capture our year this way! I love the way you're laying your pictures out. If I can keep it up maybe I'll try that next year.