January 16, 2009


Okay so I'm warning you that this post is going to be rather random. Lots of various thing to write about so I'm going to go with the bullet point system!
  • I just read that my very favorite print magazine, Simple Scrapbooks is no longer going to be printed after the May/June issue. Sad I tell you, but I guess now I'll be able to stay current with the other mags that are delivered to my mailbox!
  • Jameson has been saying some really funny things lately. Like tonight he was watching one of his DVR programs and as soon a it ended he said "Oh I guess it is time to go to bed since the show it over" (I guess he hears us remind him that when the shows are over it is time to head upstairs for stories and bed...maybe he does hear us!)
  • Today I'm hosting a challenge on the Sugarplum Paperie blog...check it out!
  • Earlier this week I was able to do a little shopping with my sweet friend Sarah. We both made arrangements (thanks again Abby) for our kiddos so it was just us. We strolled through Archivers with new eyes since we didn't have to keep looking down at the kids, run to the bathroom, etc. While we were together Sarah gave me a belated Christmas present. She made me this little tag album with the top 5 reason she is glad we're friends. It is such an amazing reminder of what a great friend she is and how grateful I am everything single day for the way God has woven our lives together (if you don't know the store about how Sarah & I originally met...we were roommates at the adpi summer workshop in 1998 - yes 10 years ago, before kids, before we lived an hour from each other but instead were states apart and then 5 years ago God put our paths together again on a scrapbooking message board!)
  • I recently created a project for Jameson. It is a way for little ones to practice writing their letters. I only printed out the letters in his name, since that is what he is working on at school. He has enjoyed playing with it! You can get this kit at The Hybrid Kid.The kit contains all 26 letters in upper- and lower-case, 15 sight words, a cover, a blank cover, a blank lined sheet, and all five colored backgrounds, plus all the cards in pdf format for easy printing...an absolute steal at $4.00!
  • Another crafty project was completing the cover page for our 365 album (using this awesome kit from SPP). It feels so good to get these little random memories recorded quickly, every day! I'm thinking about moving the posts to another blog instead of facebook (leave me a comment if you have a preference).
  • Did you notice Sarah's blog header...she did that all on her own and I am so proud of her!
  • Also along the lines of creative things...this weekend I'm going to a weekend retreat with some local friends. This will be the first retreat I've gone on since LALR. I'm sure it will seem odd not to be running things but oh am I going to enjoy the idea that I can plug in my ipod and do my own thing, if I want to or go for a walk, and best of all hopefully get lots done!
  • Oh and I think I forgot to post some of the gifts that I made for people during the Christmas season. Everything I did has been updated to this gallery (let me know if you have trouble viewing anything).
Okay I think that is enough for random things for today. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Stay warm if you're in an area that is also experiencing lower than normal temps this week!

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Sarah said...

Thanks for the kind words, sweet friend! Hope you had a great weekend at the retreat! I thought of you and hoped you were getting lots done. Talk to you tomorrow!