January 10, 2009

My word for 2009!

I'm not sure how many of you pick words to describe how you want to move into each new year. My word for this year is focus. I feel like I'm doing pretty good job, still getting things in order but really will it ever truly be organized, no & I'm rolling with it. Today I was catching up on some blog reading. This post by Melody Ross really pulled me in. In particular this "...I know for sure that life is meant to be enjoyed and not merely endured. God gives us our own lungs to breathe in and out of, He gives us everything we need…" Such a great reminder that everything that comes our way is what God had planned for us, good or bad.

I have a little share for you, a layout (credits here) I created last night with a picture of Jameson playing the wii yesterday. Also wanted to let everyone know that we appreciate the prayers while the little man was under the weather. He is back to his wild, active self!! Yeah for a growing, healthy boy!

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