January 9, 2009

Another parenting adventure!

Well the last 24 hours have been an adventure in parenting for our family! Last night Jameson & I, along with the sitter Jenna ran to Walmart. As soon as we made a quick exchange we were heading to the first session for our new life group with friends from church. While we were walking through Walmart Jenna commented on the fact that Jameson wanted carried and that he just didn't look too good. I told her it was probably because he is transitioning out of a nap and hadn't taken on yet that day (it was about 5:30). Then we got almost back to the customer service counter with our exchange when Jameson told me he thought he was going to get sick. I grabbed a bag from a register and got turned around just in time to have Jameson fill it up. Yes he got sick right there at Walmart. I grabbed him and we headed to the restroom to get rid of the bag. And then he did it again. We got cleaned up in the restroom and met Jenna back at the exchange counter. After I politely asked the two people in front of us in line to ask us to go ahead of them so we could get the wii remote exchanged and get out of there. They were both very nice about letting us go ahead and the clerk was speedy with her duty. At this point I was praying thanks to God that given everything that had happened we had come in contact with some very nice people along the way. Then we got to the car and headed to life group. I had the dvd and the sitter. I dropped of Jenna and the two of us headed home. (Okay at this point I should also add that James was not with us because he had a business dinner.) While we were driving home I had to pull over to help Jameson while he was getting sick again, and again. He was very upset because he had gotten it on his shirt and car seat. We were about 8 minutes from home so I told him to just close his eye because we could be home faster than I could change him on the side of the road. This is the photo I captured of him, he not only closed his eyes but he fell completely asleep. We got home and this continued through most of the night and into the morning. So far, since mid-morning, all has been back to normal here at home. Except of course that it is a true battle to get this boy to sit still. We keep saying, come watch this movie instead of running throughout the house. Hopefully we will all get a good night of sleep tonight and tomorrow will be a new day!

In other news, I wanted to update everyone that I've done a bit of refocusing in a few areas of life. One is ADPi, for awhile I'd been feeling a bit of an itch to have a new challenge. Well it has come and I'm sure challenged! I'm no longer volunteering as an alumnae director, now I'm a recruitment director. I'm very excited to be working with the collegiate women again. Another area of adjustment came with regards to the creative teams that I'm on. I am no longer on the team at the digi chick but have added the hybrid kid team to my list. I'm excited to involve Jameson more in the things that I'm creating. I'm almost done with the first project for the hybrid kid and can't wait to show you all. Also along the lines of being creative, I have been searching for a list with the days numbered throughout the hear. Nicole's sweet husband, Travis totally came through. I thought I'd share it here in case anyone else doing Project 365 might want it. click here

We've heard all about the snow that is coming to our family & friends in Ohio. Stay safe and remember there are some people that would love to be there with you!

One more thing...congratulations to my Debbie. She is officially a college graduate as of today. I am so very proud of her and can't wait to see what God has in store for her.

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