July 4, 2009


"Are you feeling overwhelmed with problems, projects or decisions today? Are you feeling mentally drained, physically spent, or spiritually numb? Take a dip with me into the river of God, the river of healing, and be awakened to life in God. Let this living water flow over, into, and through you today – for wherever this water flows, everything will live!" Rachel Olson

Seriously the blog is taking a major backseat to other things summer and i'm resolving to not feel overwhelmed by it. Reading one of the Proverbs 31 devotions from this week reminded me that God wants me to stay focused on living life. So i appologize if this is the only post you see on here for quite some time...we're enjoying time away from the computer. Which i might add has been having ISSUES this week...the router was replaced while i was in Florida, each time i try to view a page i constantly have to refresh it and then to add fuel to the fire i left my laptop on the dining room table and Deacon ran into the cord. We found it crashed out on the floor. So with all of that and the visiting friends and full lake...the blog has and will be suffering.

Happy 4th to everyone! A huge thank you to all of the many men and women out there that are protecting our great nation...YOU and your families are appreciated!

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