July 7, 2009


Beware this is a bit of an all open post...remember i warned you. Here goes, rarely do i talk about my parents but for a moment i need to brag about my dear dad. He is by far the most unbelievable person that i know, yes he does have his faults but that makes us love him even more. He makes me want to be a better person and make him proud. And the best part of all is how much he loves God and wants to learn more about Him. His walk with the Lord is inspiring.

He is an artist, an awesome woodcrafter. A few years ago he was on a show on the DIY network. Just this week i realized that his episodes are now online! When they were first airing we would watch them just to hear him speak. It used to drive Deacon crazy because it was when we had just moved south. Deacon missed his papa. So whether you want to hear him speak or you want to learn some mad woodturning skills...click HERE.

Just last week he mailed me a handwritten letter in the mail to tell me how he was feeling about me. When i called to thank him, he said he knew that he just had to tell me. Jump back a few years, when i first went away to college my Debbie would mail me a card once a week so that i would have mail frequently. Well at the beginning she would just sign the cards for both of them. i asked why dad never signed for himself. So every since he has signed his name, himself. It means so much to me. i'm into the little things in life.

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