June 22, 2009


As i'm preparing to head out of town to ADPi-land, i was moving pictures off of my camera. This picture pretty much sums up life for this little boy right now...look at the air he got!

While i was packing he was being so adorable. He would go into his room and come out with a treasure that he wanted me to take with me. He finally decided on his sheriff badge, a santa pez and a sheet of paper that HE wrote my name on. They are all safely tucked into random places so that i will constantly be reminded of him {as if i need a physical reminder :)}. He also told me that he was sure that many of the other adpi friend would want to see these things - i am sure little man!
i should head to bed soon because the alarm is set for 4:45 (yes that is in the morning!). James has been getting up at this crazy hour to walk each morning. Since Nana Susan and Joe-Joe are here, i can go with him tomorrow. i'm excited to start my day with this awesome guy. Good thing for all of us, i'll get to go back to sleep for a little bit before the day will continue for me!


Anonymous said...

Have fun Jill! Safe trip.

Sarah said...

Have fun! You'll be missed! (actually you already are)

Crystal said...

Loved catching up on your summer fun!! Have a great time on your trip. "See" you soon!