April 28, 2009

Silly things...

This boy seems to have recently become quite a little funny guy. Here are a few things he has said recently:
  • While singing a song from Backyardigans that should say "To make the world nice, fill it up with ice." Well he sings it while changing the word ice to many different things...rice, mice and a few other funny rhyming words.
  • While reading stories before bed I asked him how he had gotten a chip in the wall next to his bed. His response "Jeannie must have missed a spot". Well since Jeannie the painter didn't even paint that room...hmmmm. James & I both just started laughing at him that time.
  • Yesterday he asked to go to Uncle Greg's house. I knew he only wanted to go over there because he wanted to get a car (Greg has a stash of Hot Wheels and Jameson always seems to get a new one before we leave). I told him we weren't going over there just to get a car. Then he remembered that he had gotten a small allowance for helping with the mulch this weekend. We had plans to head out to walmart in the morning so I told him he could buy is own car with his money. So this morning at 6:55 he tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if it was time to go to walmart to get his car. So we're up and heading out the door now to get some groceries and a new hot wheel.
  • This morning I was getting ready and heard him jump into our closet. I asked him what he was doing and he said "I'm the super spy and I'm spying on Deacon." And right now he said "Time to go check on that dog, I've got to put him in jail." Oh the imagination on this boy!
In case you didn't see it, I'm doing a little giveaway for a digital kit. I forgot to add in that if there are multiple correct answers I will be doing a random drawing from those guesses.


Our Family... said...

It is this kind of stuff that makes a smile come across your face.

Sarah Hayes said...

Awwww! What a sweet boy you have! It is fun to watch him grow!