April 21, 2009

Earth Day!

I am excited for Earth Day tomorrow! Now exactly sure why but it could just be that it is something fun to rally around this week. On the simple mom blog she had a list of 40 tips to go more green in our own homes. Our household is doing quite a few of these things but I'm sure there are more we could be doing. I would love to find a good farmers market to buy local, fresh produce. For anyone local to me, do you know of a good one? How about you, does the mention of Earth Day make you want to reduce or reuse a bit more? The Disney channel has been mentioning it quite a bit this week too. Jameson has been talking green!

Today our plans changed halfway through the day. Since Jameson had thought we were going to have a visitor he was disappointed when that didn't happen. So I wanted to come up with something super fun for us...the solution was a color scavenger hunt through the neighborhood. It was fun to look at things that we don't typically see or notice the various colors of things. It seemed that blue was the most frequent color today (with the exception of green, we talked about how many shades of green we saw). I slipped the Trendy neck strap around his neck (with a knot to keep it from hanging at his knees). He is so my child because he was getting down and moving himself to zoom in on things. So cute! He took 48 pictures is about 45 minutes. Now the downfall with this adventure was that for some reason Jameson (remember he is my son) kept tripping. He first fell when he spotted a very pretty pink bush and he went down on the side of his thigh. After a few tears he was back up and did not want to go home. So we moved onto find something else that was cool. He found a blue birdhouse. We got all the way around the point and were coming up on the pool when he fell again. Now this time it wasn't totally his fault because the sidewalk isn't level with the ground (about a 2 inch difference). He hit the edge of the concrete and scrapped his shin and had red dirt all the way in his shoe. Now this fall did produce a request to go home. He wasn't happy once we got home though because I told him the spots had to be cleaned. Wiping them off wasn't the worst part though, he cried when he realized that he couldn't do criss.cross.applesauce. Once he got settled down he took a little nap and hasn't mentioned the wounds since. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do with the pictures from today but I can imagine that they would make an adorable mini-album. I noticed that scrapbook pictures had a sale but it ends today. I might keep my opens open for another sale on smaller square pictures. Overall I think the adventure was a good one because all through dinner Jameson kept asking if we could go back out to take color pictures!
Okay I know the placement is messed on this post but it just shut down and I had to redo half of it. I hope you enjoy it for the meat of it not the look of it!

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MOM said...

WOW.....Like Mom like Nana???? How did the bath water look??? How is he this morning....Lots to tell his story at school!?

Love MOM