December 31, 2008

New Year!

I love this time of year. Coming off of spending lots of quality time with those that are important to me, getting to make things for others to enjoy and heading into some cooler weather (I secretly like the cooler weather so we're forced to be inside - I love hibernating! I guess it isn't much of a secret now that I'm writing it here but I'm keepin' it real!). Another great thing that happens this time of year is a reflect of how my time is being spent, the direction our money is going and what I'm eating. So as I'm taking a pulse of all of these things I'm realizing that in the last few years I've not really been treating my body the best that I can, so as of Christmas Day I'm attempting to make better choices for a healthier lifestyle. We got the wii fit for Christmas, so that is definitely helping me. I haven't missed a day yet of getting on to be measured and doing some sort of physical exercise. Yesterday I actually wanted to do something, not typical for me. Not that I'd necessarily say I'm lazy, more just having other things that I thought were more important. As I get older I'm realizing that in order for me to run and play with the boy, I need to exercise. I've actually even started running - I've never done that before. In addition to exercising I'm eating a more balance diet, with less calories. To the right you'll see a little ticker with my weight loss goal and how I'm doing. I'm not going to focus too much on this here but I thought I'd let you know where my head is at right now.

Switching gears, I'm thinking about doing one of the 356 photo challenges. Basically the theory is to take at least one picture everyday throughout the year. This past year I did this for two months out of the year (July & December). I love the real life journaling and pictures that were captured. I'm thinking about going a bit deeper for this year. However instead of doing every single day I've thought about doing one week out of each month. I'm still not sure exactly what the end scrapbook will look like but I'm going to start taking the pictures. Anyone with me? If you're thinking about it you might want to check out this amazing kit that Becky Higgins is offering through the KOTM. Click here! This would be the perfect way for someone that doesn't think they want to scrapbook to be able to record their happenings.

One more thing before I forget. Just a few minutes ago I was showing Jameson a scrapbook page I did yesterday. He said "wow mom did you do that all by yourself, it's cool". It so warms my heart that he takes an interest in what I'm creating. Especially since they really are for HIM. Okay I'm off to practice driving a Ferrari on the new wii game hubby just brought home!


kelley said...

I meant to ask you if you were going to do Project 365! I want to, but I'm afraid I'll feel pressured if I do it. I guess I have a few more hours before I have to decide.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year's!!
Love ya,
Kim & Lexie