December 21, 2008

Christmas preparations!

Wow has Jameson been getting excited for Christmas. Lately we've been watching quite a few shows focused on Christmas, he is starting to 'get' it. Earlier today he and I were talking about Santa coming down the chimney. He looked at me and asked why would he try to squeeze down there instead of just using the front door. I told him that was a good point but that Santa is all about the magic so he likes to use his ability to squeeze down the chimney.

Then just a few minutes ago he was asking to play his computer game. This game was scratched a few weeks ago so it had to be thrown away. I reminded him that the game was gone and maybe he should email Santa to see if he could get a new one. He said how about if we ask him to bring a spiderman one instead of the rabbit one so I will like it even better. Picky little bugger?!

Last night we hosted a party for the office staff from the shop along with a few of our neighbors. It was a great time for all. The kids (all 9 of them - luckily not at one time but they did manage to get 3 on at a time) really got a kick out of the rope ladder on the porch. (Thanks again dad for hanging this for us!) It was raining through the entire party so it was great to have something for the kids to play with outside without getting wet. Once most everyone was gone we put on home alone for the kids to watch. They were laughing so hard, then the adults were laughing from watching them. It was a great way to end a good evening celebrating Christmas together with friends!

Now I'm off to spend some nice relaxing time with my boys! We're watching frosty the snowman (dreaming of a white Christmas - if only we were in Ohio instead of in SC with the 70 degree weather we had at here this weekend).

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