May 12, 2009

Our day...

Such an amazing, adorable video:

Today was a bit of a crazy day for us. We woke up, after sleeping in just a bit (till 8 - yippe the boy is getting it)! Then we decided to head to Anderson to get a few things, including a gift for Jameson's teacher. Well we got ourselves all set and ready to go, drove the 30 minutes it takes to get there. Then as we were pulling into Sams i reached for my purse to get the membership card out. My wallet wasn't in my purse. Then i remembered that i'd taken it out shortly before we left to pay a bill. So we went into Sams so i could submit a photo order. On the way there Jameson asked for a pretzel and luckily we had a few dollars in the truck so we shared a pretzel. The next step turned out okay because i had gift cards for Home Depot. So we decided to get his teacher's gift from there. (She is getting a nice bird feeder and some food, i think i'm also going to make something too.) From there we headed home since we only had about .95 cents left. We did head back out once we got home but we went the other direction to finish our errands. While we were in town Jeannie called to ask if we could get together so i could help her with some scrapbooking. It turned out good that we were still in town and James wasn't going to be home until late tonight. Jameson had a blast with their itty bitty puppy, Daisy. Overall as crazy as the day seemed it was pretty good!

One more this from Pioneer Woman Photography regarding getting yourself into the pictures!


Jenn said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds like something I would do! I'm glad you still made a great shopping trip out of it!

Kim said...

That is so funny. I left my pocketbook at home this morning, I feel so lost! I wonder how many times Sarah has tried to call? Oh well.

Thanks for posting the link to PW about putting yourself in pictures. I've always thought about how important it is to not only document our children's lives but our lives together with them. I don't have many pictures of my mom, she died when I was 15. Jay was two when his dad died, so there are even fewer of him. The ones that we do have are some of my most cherished possessions.

Veronica Lee said...

Hi, I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog!

shelley said...

hey there,
i hate when i do that! once i went to the food store and brought the cart outside, went to my car, drove home, and then looked in the back and realized i left the food infront of the store and had to go allll the way back... lol... anyhow thanks for stopping by, drop by anytime!
pi love,